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"Emerald Peak" Hoodie - The Beta Collection 23

"Emerald Peak" Hoodie - The Beta Collection 23

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"Emerald Peak" Hoodie – Where Altitude Meets Attitude


Dive into the realm of elevated fashion with the "Emerald Peak" hoodie. Birthed at the nexus of mountain allure and urban swagger, this piece isn't just a garment—it's a movement. Capture the essence of climbing, distilled and woven into a fabric meant for the city streets.


  • Sublime Minimalism: Harnessing the Project Send collection's atmospheric tone, this hoodie presents a masterclass in restrained opulence. Less is more, and we deliver the 'more'.
  • Eco-Essence Fabric: Luxuriously soft, 100% premium cotton mirrors the raw serenity of untouched powder snow. You don't just wear it, you experience it.
  • Silhouette of Now: Purposefully oversized, it's a fashion-forward fit for the modern hypebeast, echoing the fluid lines of both nature and streetwear’s elite.
  • Urban Jungle Green: A shade so rich, so deep, it's like wearing a slice of the densest forest or the quietest mountain meadow, reimagined for the concrete wilderness.
  • Whispered Branding: Our collection logo, subtly embroidered, speaking volumes to those who know.

Care Protocol:

Treat this piece with reverence. Cold machine wash, delicate cycle, and let it air dry. Think of it as preserving a work of art.

Own The Hype:

The "Emerald Peak" hoodie is not just fashion—it's a vibe. Walk the line between the rugged mountain trails and vibrant city life. This isn't just about a look; it's a lifestyle. 

Note: While drenched in the spirit of climbing, this hoodie is crafted purely for the hype and may not be suitable for actual mountain endeavors.

#HypeElevation, #EmeraldPeakHoodie, #StreetwearAscended, #FearOfAltitude, #ConcreteClimber

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