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Project Send - UpGrade

Project Send - UpGrade

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UpGrade Package

What is UpGrade? 
Singapore’s first all-inclusive hybrid Climb + Weights HIIT program that includes real time on the wall! — no prior climbing experience required!

Whether you're a climber looking for a different approach to your training, or someone looking simply to improve your fitness, UpGrade is for you.

Class Format
Expect a full 1-hour workout experience including a short warmup on the wall and cooldown after.

The class will run in a pod system; with each pod focusing on a specific training purpose (stimulus). There will be a unique selection of functional training exercises — modified specifically for climb, as well as a dedicated wall element integrated into each workout pod. 

Expect to train your cardio, power, and finger strength like never before!

Class Schedule
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8:30-9:30pm
Saturdays: 2:30-3:30pm

What is included?
Climbing Access: Come up to 2 hours before your UpGrade session to climb the routes at gym!
Rental Shoes: Let our friendly front-desk staff assist you! We recommend starting with true-to-size. 
Shower Towel: We have showers available at the gym complete with a hair dryer and soaps. A big towel will be available on request after your session!

*Upon arrival to the gym, simply inform the staff you're here for UpGrade. Let them handle the rest :)

20-Class Pack: $32 per class/$640 total
Expires in 6 Months

10-Class Pack: $38 per class/$380 total
Expires in 3 Months

3-Session Trial (Unshareable): $25 per class/$75 total
Expires in 1 Month

Single Session Drop-In: $45 per class

NOTE: 10 and 20 class pack is shareable with friends! Simply have them inform the staff whose package they're using when they come in, and the pass will be deducted

To learn more about what's new:
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Do I need prior climbing experience?
You do not! We've designed UpGrade to be as accessible to anyone that comes in. We hope that whether you're a seasoned climber or an absolute novice on the wall, you all will take something from the class.

Whats the cancellation policy?
Cancellation is allowed up to 24hrs before your booked class slot. Any cancellation within this time period will be considered a late cancellation, and after 2 late cancellations within a month — will be chargeable at $10!

I have some leftover credits in my account. Can these passes be exchanged for more credits to purchase other things such as climb passes?
No. UpGrade packages can only be used solely for attending UpGrade Classes. 

What if I can't finish my passes before the stipulated expiry period of my package?
We completely understand! Package extensions are done on a case-by-case basis.
If you have a medical reason, or an upcoming trip, send in your details to to request for a pass extension. Please attach a document of proof so we can help to validate your extension request.

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