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Project Send - 10 Week Program SEASON 6 (May - July 2024)

Project Send - 10 Week Program SEASON 6 (May - July 2024)

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What is the 10 week programme? 
Singapore's first unique and truly holistic climb training programme that integrates both climbing and functional training in full harmony. Using our *new* proprietary topic-based approach over the course of 10 weeks, both our climb and functional coaches will dedicate themselves to your progress, targeting individual climbing concepts in phases; exploring topics such as "hip extension for better dynos", "traversing coordination" etc.

Through each topic, functional training will focus on improving your body's base attributes such as strength, balance, and power, whilst climb training will focus on techniques and real-world application onto the wall a truly harmonious training plan.

What is required of you?
Train with us 2 times a week:
1 Functional training
1 Climbing training 

*You will be provided with an online form post purchase to indicate your preferred training dates, to which our team will try to accommodate in accordance to your climbing proficiency and groupings of the participant pool. Official training schedule information will then be personally emailed to you. 

During our Functional Training - Coaches will bring you through our unique topic-focused progressive training program that includes a tailored mix of exercises addressing specific climbing topics. Train to pull yourself more powerfully into the wall, coordinate your movements, and become more stable and controlled.

During our Climbing Training - Coaches will work with climbers to assess their current abilities and limits. We will progressively improve not only the techniques but also the tactical and mental aspects to make you a better climber.

Advanced tracks include 5 off-site climb training sessions at a top up price. 

More New Additions

1. ClimbCare - Integrated Climbing Wellness
We believe in not just building stronger climbers, but also safer climbers. Admission to our 10week program includes:
- 1 ClimbCare video (40mins); a follow-along training video that starts with an injury-preventative workout (safely strengthen the ankle ligaments and wrists), followed by a mobility routine focusing on key areas for climbers.
*This is a single video designed as a free-and-easy resource for climbers to utilise whenever necessary, so as to reduce risk of injury.
- 1 Personal Physiotherapy Consult with our partner ThePhysioCircle. Lean-in to real experts in the field to learn more about managing risks in climbing and address individual physio-related concerns.

2. Set Up For Success
We will give all members:
An updated virtual orientation: Get to know the team, see our full course module breakdown in phases (new), lay out logistics, and have a Q&A about the program.
A Welcome Pack to get you started on your 10 week journey.
Unlimited Climbs (throughout your program): There's no replacement for time spent on the wall. PS will provide you with the perfect training ground to practice your skills. Time for you to Project: Send.
10 Week Climb Comp: At the end of the season, all participants from all the tracks will take part in a mini competition to test their skills and see how much they've progressed!
A Graduation Night Party and Exclusive 10WP T-shirt: for bragging rights
10 Post-Season Climb Passes: for you to come back to send those unfinished projects!

Beginner and Intermediate: $1200 in total ($120/week for 2 classes)
Advanced: $1200 ($120/week for 2 classes), top up $100 for 5 offsite climbs
Starting Week:  13 May 2024
Tentative Ending: 20 July 2024

NOTE: The purchase of $300 is only the registration fee and valid for week 1-3 trial, NOT the fee of the entire 10 weeks. Aside purchase confirmation, you will receive a customised email within 3 working days that will share more details pertaining payment methods, contract and scheduling. 

To learn more about what's new:

How does the trial work?

  • The 3-week trial is limited to 1 use per client (cannot be used for multiple seasons) and enables a full-scope experience of 1 topic (out of three) in S6 that spans 3-4 weeks
  • There will be an intake at the start of each topic (Topic 1 = Intake 1, Topic 2 = Intake 2 etc)
  • Depending on the period when you sign up, you'll be allocated to the next available topic of S6 (1 climb + 1 funct. per week) — based on the program schedule.

What does the trial include?

  • 1x climb assessment (Only on Intake 1 and Intake 3; Intake 2 will not have a climb assessment)
  • Experiencing the first and final assessment of the first topic + the special cardio finisher that ends the topic
  • Receive the respective topic’s highlight video — providing a grasp of how S6 is approaching remote education and onboarding
  • Receive our full 40min Climbcare video — experiencing our integrated remote wellness program
  • Receive a consult with our physiotherapy partner The Physio Circle

How do I identify my track?

There are three tracks: beginner, intermediate and advanced. During registration, you may include your climbing and fitness level on the typeform. Your coaches will then place you in respective tracks based on that.

After the week 1 assessment and throughout the season, your coaches will potentially move you around if we feel that there'll be a more suitable session / training for you.

What if I'm travelling or I fall sick? Do you offer makeup classes?
Before the start of the season, do let us know in advance if you're going to miss a class due to work commitments or overseas trips (with your flight details). 

During the season itself, if you miss classes due to illness or medical reasons (with a letter or mc), we will offer makeup classes during the 10 week season itself based on available classes.

If you're unable to find a suitable makeup class, we will refund you in the form of passes!

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