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"Mist Ascend" Hoodie - The Beta Collection 23

"Mist Ascend" Hoodie - The Beta Collection 23

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"Mist Ascend" Hoodie – Elevated Streetwear Meets Natural Calm


Discover the "Mist Ascend" hoodie: an embodiment of minimalistic artistry fused with urban fashion's undeniable vibe. Beyond just apparel, it's a narrative of city energy meeting nature's tranquility.


  • Understated Elegance: Designed with a minimalist approach, this hoodie boasts sophistication in simplicity. It’s an unspoken nod to the less-is-more philosophy.
  • Natural Comfort: Made from 100% premium cotton, its softness mirrors the gentle embrace of a calming misty morning.
  • Urban Oversize: Capturing the zeitgeist of street hype with a relaxed fit, it's a piece inspired by the renowned Beta Collection, blending edgy fashion with classic comfort.
  • Beige Essence: The neutral shade offers versatility, reminiscent of untouched landscapes, making it a staple for any wardrobe.
  • Sleek Summit Branding: A discreet mountain emblem underscores the climbing inspiration while maintaining the hoodie's clean aesthetic.

Care Protocol:

Maintain its effortless look with a cold machine wash on a gentle cycle. Air dry, and it's ready to complement your style again.

Elevate Your Attire:

The "Mist Ascend" hoodie isn't merely a piece of clothing—it's a harmonious blend of hype and serenity. Whether navigating urban streets or relaxing on a quiet evening, this hoodie is your perfect companion.

Note: While hinting at climbing's allure, this piece is crafted for urban adventures and not actual mountaineering.

Tags: #MistAscendHoodie, #UrbanMinimalism, #StreetwearSerenity, #BetaCollectionAesthetic, #NatureMeetsCity

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