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Isaac Thread X Project Send Chalk Bucket

Isaac Thread X Project Send Chalk Bucket

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"Isaac Thread x Project Send" climbing chalk bucket. This exclusive partnership repurposes our older merchandise into individually handcrafted masterpieces, exuding the essence of climbing dedication and style finesse.


  • Artisanal Mastery: Each climbing chalk bucket is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring uniqueness and quality that align with both Isaac Thread and Project Send

  • Embracing Comfort: The chalk bucket's insides offer a soft fleece, gentle experience – a soft haven for your hands to chalk up for the next send.

  • Community Enrichment: This collaboration marries the prowess of "Isaac Thread" with the beta spirit of "Beta Collective," celebrating the shared passion for climbing and style.

Elevate your climb and elevate your style with the "Isaac Thread x Project Send" chalk bucket – where craftsmanship meets community, and functionality meets flair.

Tags: #IsaacThreadBetaCollective, #BetaCollection23, #ClimbWithCraftsmanship, #UrbanClimber, #CollaborativeCommunity

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