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Free Guided Session - JUSTCo

Free Guided Session - JUSTCo

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We’re glad you got to decompress! Hanging is an integral part in climbing, but there’s so much more we can show you. Bouldering is a great sport not only because it builds your strength and flexibility, but also because it has shown benefits in alleviating stress and depression! — so much so that some psychologists are turning to its use in therapy; we think bouldering could be a perfect way to end a long and intense workday.

🧗 Step Up Your Game with Beta Buddies 🧗
As much as we recognise all these benefits, we at Project Send also recognise that bouldering could be intimidating to pick up. Hence — what better than a 30-min guided session to get you started on the right track! Even if you’ve climbed before, our experienced Beta-Buddies will be equipped to share their tips; help you with blindspots or spot weak points in your climb!

👟 What’s Included in Your Beta Buddies Session 👟
Guided Climbs: Engage in a 30mins session with our climbing coaches, get tailored advice and support to help you navigate the walls with ease and confidence.

🌟 Why Choose Beta Buddies? 🌟
A Safe Climbing Community: Our indoor facility is a haven for climbers of all skill levels. With safety as our priority, we offer a nurturing environment where learning and fun go hand in hand.
Forge New Friendships: Beta Buddies is not just a service; it's a community. Connect with fellow enthusiasts, share your climbing stories, and become part of a vibrant group of climbers.

📅 Book Your Beta Buddies Session Today! 📅
You’ve just conquered your first step. Time to move to even greater heights (yes pun intended). Limited slots available — reserve your spot today and ascend!
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