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"Faito Spirit" Tee - The Beta Collection 23

"Faito Spirit" Tee - The Beta Collection 23

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The "Faito Spirit" PSA-01 brown t-shirt speaks a powerful message of resilience and fortitude. It's more than just a tee; it's a tribute to the relentless spirit that dwells within.


  • Raw Dynamism: The earth hue represents grit, groundedness, and every persistent soul. The bold print brings out the explosive energy and dynamism of climbing.
  • Elevated Comfort: Breathable – Its 240gsm weight is light enough to bring you from the city to the gym on the hottest days. Heavy enough to last.
  • Versatility Redefined: Designed for the climbing enthusiast, it resonates effortlessly through city streets.

Care Instructions:

To preserve its unique blend of style and substance, we recommend a cold machine wash followed by air drying. Let the legacy live on, wear after wear.

The "Faito Spirit" Experience:

Embrace the "Faito Spirit" PSA-01 tee, a garment that embodies the fight and the glory in every challenge faced.

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