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"Emerald Peak" Tee - The Beta Collection 23

"Emerald Peak" Tee - The Beta Collection 23

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Introducing the "PSA-01 Legacy" anniversary T-shirt: a limited-edition marvel that pays homage to our brand's storied journey. Fusing the utilitarian spirit of climbing with the audacious vibrance of urban streetwear, this exclusive green tee stands as a testament to where we've been and the heights we’re destined for.


  • Utilitarian Edge: Imbued with Beta Collection's signature tonality, this tee merges functional prowess with an avant-garde aesthetic, making it a cornerstone for both adventurers and fashion aficionados.
  • Solid by Nature: Its 280gsm weight underscores a commitment to quality and endurance, making it a reliable companion for cooler climbing adventures and a statement piece in chillier urban settings.
  • Hype Highlights: Adorning the back is a series of bold, culture-defining graphics – a tribute to our deep-seated roots in the urban milieu and our continuous evolution.
  • Emerald Endurance: The resplendent green is a nod to timeless landscapes, ensuring you remain a standout, whether you're on rocky terrains or city sidewalks.
  • Anniversary Accolade: The special PSA-01 emblem is a nod to our journey, symbolizing a year of relentless pursuit, challenges embraced, and style continually elevated.

Care Instructions:

To preserve its unique blend of style and substance, we recommend a cold machine wash followed by air drying. Let the legacy live on, wear after wear.

The "PSA-01 Legacy" Experience:

More than just a T-shirt, it's a story, a statement. Whether you're scaling cliffs or navigating the urban labyrinth, this tee is a tribute to all who dare to venture beyond the ordinary.

Note: As a tribute to our anniversary, the "PSA-01 Legacy" tee is where rugged functionality meets urban sophistication.

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