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CASUAL X Project Send - The Beta Collection 23

CASUAL X Project Send - The Beta Collection 23

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Working with possibly the best local climbing shorts brand - we present the Casual x Project Send Climb Shorts.


Prepare to experience the extraordinary with the "Casual x Project Send" collaboration climbing shorts. This monumental partnership brings together the legendary quality of CASUAL's climbing shorts and the Beta Collections' aesthetics.


  • Dual-Front Hype: The muted forest tones accent the striking green graphics, giving you an aura of confidence whether you're scaling cliffs or exploring city streets.

  • Unparalleled Quality: Known for their climbing shorts' unparalleled quality, CASUAL adds their touch to this masterpiece, ensuring durability and comfort during every climb.

  • Shared Community: The fusion of Project Send and CASUAL captures the essence of a shared pursuit of excellence, uniting climbers and style enthusiasts.

Experience the Casual X Project Send collection – a testament to the power of collaboration, performance, and style in one remarkable piece.

This item is a preorder - it will be available for collection in September 2023.

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