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"Beta Community" Bucket Hat - The Beta Collection 23

"Beta Community" Bucket Hat - The Beta Collection 23

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Part of a "Beta Community" – where intention merges with contemporary fashion in the form of our exclusive beige bucket hat. A celebration of a community that embraces the journey and values the climb.


  • Neutral Chic: The beige hue offers timeless appeal, transcending both outdoor adventures and urban escapades.

  • Easy Functionality: Two ribbons in the hat allow you to adjust the hat to fir you perfectly

  • Elevated Versatility: It's designed to accompany you on climbs and style seamlessly with the rest of the collection, embodying the harmony of purpose and aesthetics.

Elevate your look and spirit with the "Beta Community" bucket hat – a symbol of unity, style, and the climb ahead.

Tags: #BetaHorizon, #BetaCollection23, #ClimbAndUnite, #UrbanAdventures, #BetaDaysAhead

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