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Project Send - 10 Week Program SEASON 5 (Jan - Mar 2024)

Project Send - 10 Week Program SEASON 5 (Jan - Mar 2024)

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What is the 10 week programme?  
holistic climbing & fitness programme that focuses on understanding and practicing technical skills and fundamentals for effective climbing movements on and off the walls. At the same time, improving your overall body strength, mobility and fitness.

What is required of you?
Train with us 2 times a week:
1 Functional training
1 Climbing training

During our Functional Training -
Coaches will bring you through a tailored training programme that will develop the strength and mobility needed to send those projects and improve your overall performance through this 10 week programme.

During our Climbing Training - 
Coaches will work with climbers to assess their current abilities and limits. We will progressively improve not only the techniques but also the tactical and mental aspects to make you a better climber.

Advanced and Competitive tracks include a number of off-site climb training sessions. 

Beginner and Intermediate: $85/week, $850 in total
Advanced: $90/week, $900 in total 
Competitive: $95/week, $950 in total

Starting Week:  8 January 2024
Tentative Ending: 16 March 2024

NOTE: The purchase of $85 is only the registration fee and valid for week 1, NOT the fee of the entire 10 weeks. Once purchased, we will consider it as your registration for 10 week program SEASON 5. Payment schedule and other administrative matters will be informed during week 1. 

Sign up by Thursday 30 Nov 2023 for $85 off 
Sign up by Friday 15 December 2023 for $42.50 off

How do I identify my track?
Your track will be selected by coaches after Week 1 assessment. That includes beginner, inter and advanced.

Competitive track will be for select individuals from the advanced track. They will be notified by the coaches. They can choose to stay in advanced if they do not want to be in the comp track. From there, they can top up their payment accordingly. 

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